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 The Glorious One

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Noted Ring Names: Bobby Roode, Total Lee Awesome, Mark Rude, Robert Roode
Date of Birth: May 11, 1977
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Debut: 1998

Robert Francis Roode Jr., is a Canadian professional wrestler better known under the ring name Bobby Roode. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Robert Roode. He is also well known for his 12-year tenure for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) from 2004 to 2016.

After debuting for TNA as part of Team Canada in 2004, Roode won the NWA World Tag Team Champion with Eric Young. After a singles run following the team’s breakup, he formed a tag team with James Storm as Beer Money, Inc. Together with Storm, he is a six-time TNA World Tag Team Champion and they are the longest reigning champions in TNA history. Roode eventually became a two-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, with his first reign being the longest reign in the company’s history at 256 days. In his later years with the company, Roode also won the World Tag Team Championship with Austin Aries and was a one-time TNA King of the Mountain Champion.

Roode signed with WWE in 2016 and began his career in their development territory NXT, where he was a one-time NXT Champion prior to his main roster call-up. Roode debuted on SmackDown in August 2017, winning the United States Championship in January 2018, his first championship on the main roster. He transferred to Raw in April and won the Raw Tag Team Championship with partner Chad Gable in December, followed by the 24/7 Championship in May 2019.

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August 12th – Toronto, ON (RAW)
August 16th – Bismark, ND (WWE Live)
August 17th – Grand Forks, ND (WWE Live)
 August 18th – Fargo, ND (WWE Live)
August 19th – St. Paul, MN (RAW)
August 23rd – Bossier City, LA (WWE Live)
August 24th – Lafayette, LA (WWE Live)
August 25th – Mobile, AL (WWE Live)
August 26th– New Orleans, LA (RAW)
August 30th – Bangor, ME (WWE Live)
August 31st – Portland, ME (WWE Live)
September 1st – White Plains, NY (WWE Live)
September 2nd – Baltimore, MD(RAW)
September 6th – Saint John, NB (WWE Live)
September 7th – Halifax, NS (WWE Live)
September 8th– Syracuse, NY (WWE Live Supershow)
September 9th – New York, NY(RAW)
September 13th – Chattanooga, TN (WWE Live)
September 14th – Macon, GA (WWE Live)
September 15th – Charlotte, NC (Night of Champions PPV)
September 16th – Knoxville, TN (RAW)
September 23rd – San Francisco, CA (RAW)
September 27th – El Paso, TX (WWE Live)
September 28th – Prescott, AZ (WWE Live)
September 30th – Phoenix, AZ (RAW)


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Monday Night Raw Results – May 27, 2019
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We see The Usos hosting a Memorial Day Block Party outside of the arena under a tent. EC3 looks thrilled to be there. Dana Brooke and The Lucha House Party are having fun. The Usos mention everyone is invited, except for The Revival. Drake Maverick is looking for WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. The Usos welcome everyone.

Back from the break and we see The Revival and The Usos going at it in a game of Cornhole at the block party outside.

Carmella suddenly enters the ring from the crowd. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth is right behind with Superstars chasing him. Eric Young rolls him up for a 2 count. Drake Maverick, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Mojo Rawley and others are trying to get their hands on Truth. Truth runs off through the crowd with Carmella on his back, Superstars chasing them.

Back from a commercial and we get another look at The Usos’ block party. They have words with The Revival when WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth runs in. Other Superstars are trying to take the title. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson take out Drake Maverick. A big brawl breaks out under the tent. Truth manages to escape with the title as other Superstars such as Robert Roode and EC3 chase him.

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Monday Night RAW Results – May 20, 2019
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Back from the break and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley to the stage, wearing the new title on his shoulder under a cover. He has the music cut so we can get down to business. Fans chant Foley’s name.

Foley says something has been missing from RAW and we need to re-visit those three letters – RAW. Foley says we need to make the show raw again. Foley enters the ring and talks about Superstars making a name, being a champion. Foley says being a champion is an obsession that consumes you throughout the day, all day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Foley says with that spirit in mind, he presents the new title in the WWE family. He calls for a drum roll and introduces the new WWE 24/7 Title. There’s not much of a reaction from the crowd.

Foley says the title is to be defended any time, any place, any where. Some fans boo as Foley holds the title up. Foley says you don’t have days off when you hold this title, a fall can take place as long as there is a referee in place. Foley says the third hour of RAW every week is about to get a little nasty and dirty. Foley says the first 24/7 Champion will be crowned tonight with a Scramble. Foley says this is open to all Superstars on the RAW, SmackDown, 205 Live, WWE NXT and NXT UK rosters, and every now and then a visiting Legend. Foley tells Superstars in the back to line up and when the bell rings, he who retrieves the title, receives the title.

Foley places the title in the middle of the ring and heads to the outside to ring the bell. Superstars start running down the ramp, tackling each other. Cedric Alexander, EC3, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Mojo Rawley, Titus O’Neil, No Way Jose, Eric Young all start brawling at ringside. Titus makes it int he ring but Mojo levels him. Cedric springboards in to drop Mojo. Young comes in and faces off with Cedric. Gallows and Anderson trip them, then run in to grab the title at the same time. EC3 attacks from behind. Jose brawls with EC3 now. They end up spilling out of the ring to the floor. The title is still in the ring. Drake Maverick runs in to grab it but Titus stops him. Titus grabs it and tosses Drake over the top, onto others on the floor. Titus grabs the title and becomes the first-ever WWE 24/7 Champion.

Winner and New WWE 24/7 Champion: Titus O’Neil

After the decision, Titus heads to the stage and celebrates as his music hits. Robert Roode comes from behind and decks Titus, then rolls him up for the win and the title. The other Superstars head to the back as the referee has the title now. Roode is the new champion as his music hits.

Winner and New WWE 24/7 Champion: Robert Roode

We see Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin backstage talking when WWE 24/7 Champion Robert Roode comes running by with the other Superstars chasing him.

We see WWE 24/7 Champion Robert Roode backstage with R-Truth. Truth hides him in his trunk and sends the other Superstars in another direction. Truth helps Roode out of the trunk after they leave, and tells him to get in the back seat. A referee is waiting in the car. Truth drops Roode and covers to win the title.

Winner and New WWE 24/7 Champion: R-Truth

After the bell, Truth celebrates and hops in the car, driving off with the title.

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Monday Night Raw Results – May 6, 2019
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Ricochet vs. Robert Roode

We go to the ring and out comes Ricochet to a pop. If Robert Roode wins this match, he will take Ricochet’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match spot. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Natalya is with Naomi in the locker room. They have invites from Lacey Evans to be at ringside later tonight. It says formal ringside attire is required. Dana Brooke appears and she also got the invite. They believe this is related to their spots in the Money In the Bank Ladder Match but they will be ready for what she has planned. We get another look at The Miz sitting outside of Shane McMahon’s office. Shane has not arrived yet. We go back to the ring and Ricochet waits as Robert Roode makes his way out. Roode will earn Ricochet’s MITB Ladder Match spot if he gets the win.

The bell rings and they go at it. Roode unloads in the corner and stomps away as the referee warns him. Roode with more corner shots, including big chops to the chest. Ricochet counters and hits a pair of dropkicks, stunning Roode. Ricochet goes to springboard in from the apron but Roode shoves him out to the floor, landing hard. Roode follows and keeps control with more offense. Roode wraps the ring apron over Ricochet’s face and pounds on him.

Roode comes back in and covers Ricochet for a 2 count. Roode keeps Ricochet grounded now. Roode goes on and nails a big short-arm clothesline for a close 2 count. Roode keeps Ricochet grounded again. Ricochet finally gets some offense in and looks to keep the momentum going but Roode catches him with a big Spinebuster for a close 2 count. Ricochet turns it around again and goes up top for the 630, nailing it for the pin to keep his MITB spot.

Winner: Ricochet

After the match, Ricochet stands tall as we see the Money In the Bank briefcase hanging high above the ring. We go to replays.

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Monday Night RAW Results – April 22, 2019
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Ricochet vs. Robert Roode

We go to the ring and out comes Ricochet. He will face Bobby Roode, now known as Robert Roode, next. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Robert Roode. We see his backstage interview from earlier where he re-introduced himself and took shots at former partner Chad Gable, and tonight’s opponent. They go at it and Roode rocks Ricochet coming out of the corner. Roode with a kick to take control. Ricochet counters a move and sends Roode flying. Ricochet with more offense as Roode pleads with him from the mat. They tangle near the apron and Ricochet sends Roode to the floor. Ricochet runs the ropes and goes to leap out but stops on the apron as Roode moves out of the way. Ricochet finally jumps off the apron to drop Roode on the floor. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Roode talks trash while working Ricochet around. Roode keeps Ricochet grounded in the middle of the ring now. Ricochet looks to make a comeback but a knee to the gut stops him. Roode with more offense and a suplex for a 2 count.

Roode keeps control and plays to the crowd, yelling about how glorious he is. Roode keeps Ricochet grounded again. Roode misses in the corner as Ricochet kicks him back and then nails a dropkick for a pop. They get up and trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Ricochet takes Roode down and delivers more offense to get the momentum going. Ricochet sends Roode flying into the corner. Ricochet with the Spear in the corner and a kick to knock Roode back on the mat.

Ricochet springboards up and down at Roode. Ricochet with a standing Shooting Star Press for a close 2 count. Roode fights off the shoulders and delivers an elbow to the jaw. More back and forth now. Ricochet rolls Roode up for a 2 count. Roode catches Ricochet with a big Spinebuster for a close 2 count. Roode signals for the Glorious DDT but Ricochet blocks it. Ricochet drops Roode’s face over his knee and covers for a close 2 count. Ricochet drags Roode over to the corner and he goes to the top now. Ricochet goes for the 630 but Roode moves and comes from behind, sending Ricochet into the corner. Roode hits the Glorious DDT for the pin to win.

Winner: Robert Roode

After the match, Roode stands tall as his music starts up. We go to replays.

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Smackdown Live Results | October 3rd, 2017
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Gloriously Served! Over the past few weeks, Bobby Roode has been having a war of words with Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler has been trying to perfect his entrance at the expense of a few legendary superstars. Bobby Roode has not been impressed about Dolph’s antics. He challenged Ziggler to a match at Hell In A Cell. Before their hellacious match on Sunday, will Bobby Roode continue to be unimpressed by Dolph Ziggler or will Ziggler finally impress The Glorious One. Here is what went down courtesy of

Five days before going toe-to-toe with Dolph Ziggler at WWE Hell in a Cell, the always-captivating Bobby Roode battled Mike Kanellis on Team Blue.

Roode got through Maria’s husband mostly unscathed, landing the Glorious DDT for the quick victory, but he would have little time to celebrate, as The Glorious One was promptly interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, who was carrying out another one of his mock entrances, complete with drums and an airhorn.

The Showoff made two promises for WWE Hell in a Cell: to show Roode an entrance like he has never seen and to prove The Glorious One is all flash and absolutely no fight by out-wrestling him for the victory.

Not the least bit rattled, Roode countered by Showing him what a real entrance looks like … GLORIOUS.

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Smackdown Live Results | September 26th, 2017
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Glorious Challenge! Bobby Roode made a Glorious return to Smackdown Live interrupting Dolph Ziggler. As we know Dolph has been coming out week after week trying to impress the WWE Universe. There is one guy not impressed. Bobby Roode says that Dolph should try to impress him and challenges him to a match at Hell In A Cell. Will Hell In A Cell be #Glorious or will Dolph finally impress everyone with his new me tirade. Here is everything that went down tonight courtesy of

Dolph Ziggler looked to yet again mock iconic entrances of the past and then lambast the WWE Universe for enjoying them. He kicked it off with a parody of The Undertaker before proceeding to tell the WWE Universe why he was the best … but he quickly found out he wasn’t GLORIOUS.

Bobby Roode finally hit the scene, put a stop to Ziggler’s madness and challenged The Showoff to a bout at WWE Hell in a Cell. Ziggler surveyed Roode, and after declaring that The Glorious One was everything that was wrong with WWE, accepted the match.

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Video: Smackdown Live Fallout – September 5, 2017
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Bobby Roode was featured in a dark match against Mike Kanellis check out the video above to hear what he had to say about his Glorious win tonight.

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NXT Results – June 28, 2017
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We have a video package for Roderick Strong and Bobby Roode’s match next week for the NXT Title.

Roderick says he is where no one thought he would be. To create this life he had to go through a lot of things. You become part of your environment and he wanted to get out of his way of life. Roderick says professional wrestling saved his life. Wrestling taught him how to deal with everything. He is not just doing it for him, he is doing it for his family.

We go to Bobby Roode faking emotion over Roderick’s story and his comments about how Roderick is not in his class.

Roderick says his story is not over yet. We see the confrontation at Full Sail when Roderick and Bobby brawled. Roderick says this is the most important chapter of his career. Bobby says he will not get that happy ending. Roderick wonders what is Bobby Roode other than his entrance. Roderick says whatever it takes, he will be NXT Champion.

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WWE NXT Results – June 7, 2017
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In Ring Segment: Roderick Strong

We are back and Roderick Strong makes his way to the ring for something to say.

Roderick says he wants to be honest with you because the last seven or eight months have been a roller coaster for him.  He is in NXT, he has a beautiful fiance and baby boy at home.  He opened up to all of you about something he has been ashamed of because he did not want to be judged.  He has been accepted with open arms and he thanks everyone.  When he first came here, he came for one reason, the NXT Championship.  Roderick says his life has never been better but there is one thing he wants and one thing he needs, the NXT Championship.

Strong says it is no longer Roddy versus the World, it is Roddy, Marina, and Tory versus the World.  That motivates Roderick to be better and to be the WWE Champion.

Bobby Roode’s music plays and he comes to the stage.  Roode wipes away fake tears from his eyes.  Roode says that was such an emotional story and he was pulling on the heart strings.  You are standing in an NXT ring in front of the NXT Universe.  You must be proud.  You are winning matches, finally.  You have a marginally hot fiance.  Your son is relatively normal so you should be proud.

Roode says he gets it that Strong wants to be on the marquee with the champ.  Diapers are expensive.  You want to play the Bobby Roode lottery.  You spend your hard earned money and hope to hit the numbers to get out of the trailer park and move to the mansion on the hill.  That is not how it works in his NXT.  You don’t wave a wand and get a title match.  Roode says you are a good hand so he tells Strong to stay in his lane.  Maybe one day, they can take a selfie together and you can show it to your little guy and say ‘here is the champ, and your dad.’  Roode tells Strong not to play the Bobby Roode lottery because you are not man enough to win.  Roode wishes Strong the best of luck. Roode walks off, and Strong’s music hits as he leaves the ring.

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NXT Results – May 31, 2017
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We go to earlier today, hearing from Bobby Roode who promises a GLORIOUS championship celebration tonight…but you’re not invited. This party is exclusive, but don’t worry, this is still my NXT…and next week, your champion returns.

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